26 April 2023
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Grupo Calvo’s pioneering canned tuna pack breaks new ground with Protact®

Calvo Can



At METPACK, Tata Steel will be highlighting the result of its pioneering collaboration with Grupo Calvo to create a brand new, consumer-friendly can form which reduces food waste, enhances shelf impact, and takes lightweighting of steel for packaging to new heights of expertise.

Key to the success of this collaboration is Tata Steel’s Protact, and in particular the unique characteristics of its internal polypropylene (PP) layer which enabled the groundbreaking direct seal concept. This concept eliminates the need for a traditional can ring and delivers a massive 24 per cent steel weight reduction overall.

By using this coating, Grupo Calvo was also able to use its innovative Vuelca Fácil® or ‘Easy Flip’ aluminium film lid which allows the can to be opened easily and safely.

In addition to weight reduction, the PP coating contributes to food waste reduction by enabling the tuna to slide cleanly from the upturned can with no residue left inside. Further,  in this particular tuna can, the PP coating also allows for a 15 per cent reduction in food oil to be made.

Shelf impact is greatly enhanced due to Protact’s wide choice of coating colours including white, black, metallic silver and gold. In this case, Grupo Calvo chose a brilliant bright finish to really stand out in store and catch consumers’ eyes.

Amongst these many standout benefits, Protact was also chosen for its inert three-layer polymer coating system which has excellent organoleptic properties to help ensure that the original taste of the packaged food is retained during the canning process. This, combined with a low porosity level, makes Protact the ideal solution for food contents packed in oil and brine. 

Huib Simon, Head of Marketing Packaging, Tata Steel, said: 

“We were delighted to work with Grupo Calvo developing this can. BPA-free Protact is our leading-edge, polymer coated, food-safe product, and has now been extended to include new tailored variants further optimised for efficient and sustainable canmaking. The new variants encompass all formats - two-piece as well as three-piece cans, ends and components. 

"Protact’s polymer coating system simplifies canmaking operations while lowering the environmental footprint, energy and water consumption and eliminating VOC emissions, making it a must-see product at METPACK this year.”  

Martín Barbaresi, Marketing Director of Grupo Calvo’s Europe Division. 

“Through Vuelca Fácil, the Calvo brand has enabled a new way of consuming canned tuna that is more efficient, convenient and sustainable.” 

“We have been shaping the evolution of one of the most widely consumed canned products in our country, with milestones such as low-sodium light tuna and, more recently, light tuna with fifty per cent less fat, as well as Foodie tuna salads with edamame and chickpeas. Today, we continue to drive change with our new Vuelca Fácil packaging.” 

Visitors to METPACK 2023 can visit Tata Steel on Stand 3B25, Hall 3, to find out more about how Protact supports Grupo Calvo’s consumer-friendly can design.

Join Javier Ancieto Valera, Tata Steel’s Global Account Manager Packaging, at METPACK for his presentation ‘Award winning Protact® design story: Calvo Vuelca Fácil®’ on Tuesday, 2 May 2023 at 3pm.

Further details of this exciting partnership can be seen here: How the specialist coating of Protact® supports new consumer-friendly tuna can form | Tata Steel in Europe (tatasteeleurope.com)

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