17 August 2023
Corporate News

Newport: UK's number one steel port for 7th year

Steel coils at Newport Dock

Associated British Ports' (ABP) Port of Newport has maintained its position as the leading steel port in the UK for the seventh consecutive year. This achievement further solidifies Newport’s pivotal role in supporting the UK’s steel industry and its contribution to the nation’s economy.

The UK Department for Transport’s recently published UK Port Freight Annual Statistics for 2022 reveal that the Port of Newport is the largest UK steel port by a significant margin, having exported nearly 600,000 tonnes more steel than all other 14 major steel-handling UK ports combined.

Last year, Newport’s steel exports reached an impressive 955,000 tonnes, which represents 72% of the total UK exported iron and steel products from UK major ports.

Further, Newport isn’t only the UK’s number one steel port for exports, but it also stands as the leader in terms of total UK steel tonnage, handling a total of 1.4 million tonnes of iron and steel products in 2022, 24% of the UK’s total iron and steel products.

In Wales, Newport has retained its position as the fourth busiest port by tonnage. It serves as Wales’s largest general cargo port, supporting an array of industries spanning not just steel, but also mineral processing, agriculture, construction, recycled metals and forest products, and handling approximately £1 billion worth of trade each year.

ABP Newport’s crucial role is further emphasised by its contribution to the local and national economy. Supporting 4,100 jobs nationally, the port contributes £275 million to the economy annually.”


Paul Ager, Divisional Port Manager for ABP, said: “Newport’s history in steel dates back to the late 19th century, and ABP is proud to continue to support the port’s historic legacy and play an integral role in the success of the UK’s steel industry. 

Newport’s steel expertise now extends to specialist steel products handler W.E. Dowds, which ABP acquired in 2018, and is helping to support the ongoing growth of the port.

“As the most easterly of ABP’s South Wales ports, and with excellent links to the nearby M4 and direct rail connections, the port occupies a prime location to service the UK’s main industrial and commercial regions.”

A Tata Steel spokesperson added: “The teams at ABP play a vital role in our supply chains, by quickly and effectively managing the export of our material to markets around the world from our world-class facilities in Port Talbot and Llanwern.

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