20 July 2023
Corporate News

Podcast shines light on inspirational Women of Steel

April Wilkinson and Abi Thomas

If only there was a platform for women in steel to share their stories, views and advocate for positive change . . . 
Enter Women of Steel, Series Four. 

After a two-year hiatus, Tata Steel's Women of Steel podcast is back with a brand-new image, format, host and an army of inspiring female guests. 

Public Relations & Social Media Specialist and podcast host, Abigail Thomas, said: “It’s really important that we continue the legacy of Women of Steel. 

“I’ll admit, I have some really big shoes to fill. Our previous host, Nia Singleton, successfully launched this series and highlighted so many fantastic women, leaders and up-and-comers, while addressing some of the inequalities and challenges they inevitably faced along the way.

“We’ll be continuing on this journey of discovery, but what I really want to emphasise this time round, is just how diverse and exciting this industry really is.

“I don’t think people outside our industry realise the breadth of and, often, the sheer amount of niche and truly fascinating jobs that are available in steel – particularly people my own age.

“So with this, I thought, why not target a slightly different audience – let’s target all those future steel leaders, apprentices, graduates, twenty-somethings – the future of our industry, while highlighting the female trailblazers, engineers and scientists who laid the foundations for us to build on.

“However, I do think there are still some myths to bust and some misconceptions to address along the way…”

Abi added: “I feel privileged to welcome these fantastic guests, to uplift and empower them, and show others, like me, that they will be afforded opportunities to learn, grow and thrive.”

Listen to Women of Steel on your favourite podcast channel or tune in to Tata Steel UK’s YouTube channel.

WATCH: Women of Steel podcast - YouTube

LISTEN: Women of Steel | a podcast by Tata Steel UK (podbean.com)


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