16 March 2015
Corporate News

Steel history brought to life for pupils

The youngest pupils at Baglan Primary got a lesson in steel making and the history of the Port Talbot site from amateur steel historian and Concast Team leader, Graham Rowland.

Graham was enthusiastically welcomed by the five and six year olds, who are doing a project on the Talbot family and their influence on Port Talbot. Graham told them of Lady Emily Talbot and how she was a pivotal figure in the development of the Steel industry.

Lady Talbot was a shrewd business-woman developing the steel industry as we know it today with the introduction of a bigger dock, and the development of Port Talbot railway.

Taking along some personal protective clothing for the children to try on which they had a blast trying on, along with raw material samples for them to touch and smell Graham commented: “The visit was loads of fun, at that young age the children are so enthusiastic and full of questions.

'They wanted to know more about what I did, how we make steel and how the Talbot family influenced our industry. I really enjoy doing these sessions; I can’t wait for the next one!”

Nia Singleton Community Liaison Manager, Wales added:“Graham is one of a number of employees who regularly attends at local schools and talk about our industry.

'It is an important way of getting young people to understand the relevance of an industry like ours, while also encouraging them to think more about careers in not only manufacturing but within engineering an science in general.”