30 October 2023
Corporate News

"SteelCast" podcast: Time for the construction sector to ACT

Accelerating Construction Transformation 2023

At Tata Steel's inaugural "Accelerating Construction Transformation" conference, podcast host Gareth Brookes speaks to Jo Evans and Barry Rust of Building Systems UK, a Tata Steel enterprise, as well as industry leaders and Welsh Government to find out what the future holds for the construction industry and what part steel has to play.

Having found itself at a crossroads, Tata Steel has now proposed a future Electric Arc Furnace based steelmaking route.

At this recent construction sector conference, Gareth discovered that construction industry is facing similar difficult choices on its route to sustainability and decarbonisaiton.

Gareth said: "Until now, the construction industry has designed to build, but for a sustainable future it must keep deconstruction and reuse in mind."

The question being asked is 'What role will Tata Steel’s Building Systems UK play in offering sustainable solutions as well as innovative products to be a market leader in the future circular economy?'

Listen in or watch online to find out what the industry experts say.






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