10 April 2024
Corporate News

Sustainability champions for the 7th successive year

Steel scrap

Tata Steel has been named as a Steel Sustainability Champion for the seventh year running by the World Steel Association. 

Tata Steel have been Champions every year since worldsteel’s most demanding sustainability recognition programme was launched in 2018.

T. V. Narendran, Chief Executive Officer & Managing Director, Tata Steel, said: "We are honoured to be recognised once again as a Steel Sustainability Champion by the World Steel Association.

"This acknowledgement underscores Tata Steel's commitment to sustainability across all facets of its operations. We remain dedicated to driving positive change within the steel industry and beyond, as we continue to prioritise environmental stewardship, social responsibility, and sound governance practices."

"This acknowledgement underscores Tata Steel's commitment to sustainability across all facets of its operations." "

Tata Steel UK’s Director of Sustainability, Pete Quinn added: “The fact that Tata Steel has been recognised in each of the last seven years demonstrates our ongoing and class-leading commitment to sustainability across the Group. 

“In Tata Steel UK, we have long recognised both the societal and commercial imperatives of embracing sustainability in its most holistic sense. We continue to dedicate time, money and effort to ensure our products, processes and supply chains reflect the progressive values of the Tata family.”

He continued: “Tata Steel UK punches above its weight when it comes to satisfying the criteria for recognition as Sustainability Champions: we were part of worldsteel’s Lifecycle Analysis (LCA) Expert Group from its inception, helping to shape the entire programme. We have also been consistently successful in the ‘Excellence in LCA’ category of worldsteel’s ‘Steelies’ awards.

“Our current proposals to invest £1.25bn to move to electric arc furnace steelmaking and to reduce our carbon dioxide emissions by around 5 million tonnes per year are a further endorsement of our commitment to being a truly sustainable, world-class steel company.”

Tata Steel is a founder participant in worldsteel’s Climate Action programme and has been recognised as an accredited Climate Action member ever since. It has developed sector-leading expertise in life cycle assessment (LCA) – a tool that enables it to understand the CO2 impacts of products in holistic terms, taking account of emissions from raw material extraction, through production and use of finished products such as buildings - all the way to the end of life. Tata Steel has a long, unbroken record of annual disclosure to CDP. Its most recent disclosure in 2023 secured a rating of A- in climate disclosure.

A spokesperson for the World Steel Association said: “In the programme’s first year worldsteel recognised only six members, so we are pleased to see a steady increase in the number of members qualifying for our most demanding sustainability recognition.”

The World Steel Association (worldsteel) has recognised 11 companies as Steel Sustainability Champions for their work in 2023.

Now in its seventh year, the Steel Sustainability Champions Programme commends those worldsteel members that are most clearly demonstrating their commitment and action to sustainable development through their involvement in worldsteel sustainability activities.

The 2024 Steel Sustainability Champions are:
•    ArcelorMittal
•    BlueScope Steel Limited
•    China Steel Corporation (CSC)
•    HBIS Group Co., Ltd.
•    JFE Steel Corporation
•    JSW Steel Limited
•    POSCO Holdings
•    Tata Steel
•    Tenaris
•    Ternium
•    voestalpine AG

Recognised for the seventh consecutive year this year, only Tata Steel and Tenaris have been Champions every year since the programme launch in 2018. 

All members must do the following to be recognised as Sustainability Champions:

  • Sign the worldsteel Sustainability Charter. Provide evidence of meeting the 20 criteria covering the fields of environment, social, governance and economics (ESGE).
  • Provide Life Cycle Inventory (LCI) data to worldsteel’s data collection programme. The data for LCI should cover more than 60% of the company’s crude steel production and should be less than 5 years old.
  • Be shortlisted in one of the 6 categories of the worldsteel Steelie Awards or be recognised in the worldsteel Safety and Health Recognition Programme.

Mr Chanakya Chaudhary, Vice President (Corporate Services), Tata Steel, was presented with a certificate at the April Special General Meeting (SGM) of the Board of Members. 

More information on worldsteel’s sustainability initiatives is available here.