24 March 2011
Corporate News

Tata soars into the top 50 most valuable global brands

The Tata brand has been ranked as the first Indian brand to be in the top 50 club of global brands as per Brand Finance's Global 500 2011 report.

The group’s brand value is pegged at $15.8 billion as compared to $11.21 billion in 2010. As per Brand Finance's Global 500 2007 report, the brand value of Tata was $7.38 billion, indicating there has been 100 per cent appreciation for its brand value.

There has been a steady progress in the Tata brand value to reach the 50th position among the other global brands. In 2007, the Tata brand was ranked 103 and now in 2011 it is ranked among the top 50. The key companies and brands that have been considered by Brand Finance to add the brand value to the group are the Tata Motors group (JLR brand value, Tata Motors India and joint ventures and subsidiaries), the Tata Steel group (Tata Steel and Tata Steel Europe) and Tata Consultancy Services.

R Gopalakrishnan, director, Tata Sons, said, “Tata managers have been focused on doing the right things for the business and the stakeholders. The brand perception is the outcome of their efforts and is not a planned perception change, to that extent it’s a source of satisfaction for the employees.'