29 March 2011
Corporate News

Tata Steel and Dyesol move to next phase in photovoltaics project

Tata Steel and Dyesol have decided to expand their joint photovoltaics development project based at the PV Accelerator Centre at the Tata Steel site at Shotton in North Wales.

The number of personnel working on the project will be increased from 30 to 50 and activity at the PV Accelerator Centre will be scaled up.

The £11m project, whose initial development phase is due to be completed in June 2011, set out to develop the world’s first continuously manufactured dye sensitised photovoltaic product on steel for building applications. Over this period the partners have been supported by a £5m technology grant from the Welsh Assembly Government. 

Peter Strikwerda, Managing Director of Tata Steel Colors, commented:

“This project forms a key part of the Tata Steel strategy to develop a new range of functional coated steel products based on renewable energy for use on the roofs and walls of buildings. The project has met the objectives originally set for this phase to determine the photovoltaic cell architecture on steel, the roof component designs, the manufacturing processes and the raw materials requirements.

“This expansion takes the project from its laboratory and pilot line phase into a pre-industrialisation phase. We will significantly accelerate technical progress with the objective of establishing a product, process and supply chain that can be successfully commercialised.” 


For further information, please call:

Bob Jones: 0207 717 4532, 07764 710340, bob.jones@tatasteel.com

Additional Notes for Editors

  1. Established in 1907 as India's first integrated steel company, Tata Steel Group is one of the world’s top ten steel producers with annual crude steel capacity of more than 28 million tonnes.  It is the world's second most geographically diverse steel producer, with operations in 26 countries and a commercial presence in more than 50.  Tata Steel Group has over 80,000 employees across four continents and is a Fortune 500 company.
  2. Tata Steel Europe Limited (formerly Corus) is Europe's second largest steel producer.  With main steelmaking operations in the UK and the Netherlands, the company supplies steel and related services to the construction, automotive, packaging, material handling and other demanding markets worldwide. 
  3. Tata Steel Colors is a business within Tata Steel Europe engaged in the manufacture and sale of pre-finished steel products to the construction, manufactured goods and domestic appliance sectors.  The business has 6 sites in 4 countries, 3 of which are in the UK.  The business headquarters and largest manufacturing site is at Shotton in Deeside, North Wales.
  4. Dyesol Limited is a global solar technology company and in August 2005 was listed on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX: DYE). Dyesol manufactures and supplies a range of dye solar cell products comprising equipment, chemicals, materials, components and related services to researchers and manufacturers of dye solar cells.
  5. Dye solar cell (DSC) technology can best be described as “artificial photosynthesis” using an electrolyte, a layer of titania (a pigment used in paint and tooth paste) and ruthenium dye deposited on glass, metal or polymer substrates. Light striking the dye excites electrons which are absorbed by the titania to become an electric current many times stronger than that found in natural photosynthesis in plants. DSC works well in all light conditions.