31 January 2022
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Tata Steel intends to cease production at Fredrikstad

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Tata Steel intends  to cease the its manufacturing operations at  Norsk Stål Tynnplater AS in Norway (Fredrikstad) while retaining the legal entity and local sales force. Norsk Stål Tynnplater AS, part of Tata Steel Downstream Europe, is a Service Centre in Fredrikstad (Norway). The site uses steel from Tata Steel IJmuiden to further process into Hot Dip Galvanised and Cold Rolled commodity products with the focus on the industry sector.


The proposal to cease manufacturing operations at Fredrikstad has been made following a detailed review of the Distribution activities in the Nordics respectively. 

The majority of the products are sold to customers in Sweden and Tata Steel believes that serving those customers directly from the Halmstad site (in Sweden), allows the company to serve them even better.  It will offer the necessary strength to compete, enabling it to continue to offer high-value products and services to its customers in the future.

Regrettably the proposal will put at risk 29 jobs. Appropriate consultation processes with employees and their representatives will begin as soon as practicable. Tata Steel will explore all opportunities to re-deploy employees and provide assistance for them. 

It is proposed that the closure of production will take place progressively over the coming months.  It is only by a consolidated operational footprint that Tata Steel can create a sustainable and competitive business for the future.





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