23 October 2012
Corporate News

Tata Steel: new structure and products to support market needs

  • Strong customer focus to deliver product performance and operational efficiency
  • Increasing share of differentiated products sales by over 50% by 2016
  • New structure to meet the need of demanding markets in Germany and Europe
  • Launching ‘Together we make the difference’ at EuroBLECH

Since changing its name from Corus in 2010, Tata Steel has transformed the organisation of its sales and marketing activities to strengthen its long-term commitment to the European steel market. The company understands that, when it comes to steel, there is a growing need in Germany and the rest of Europe for increased product performance and value in use. This is particularly recognised in the most demanding industries, like automotive, mechanical engineering and construction.

By combining its advanced steel products with a strongly customer-oriented business model and by developing new products in partnership with its customers, the company aims to raise the share of differentiated products sales within its portfolio by over 50% between now and 2016.

At EuroBLECH, the world’s largest exhibition for the sheet metal industry, which begins today, Tata Steel will be giving clear examples of how it delivers increased product performance and value in use. Tata Steel will showcase ultra-high strength and other advanced steels for lightweighting steel car components that can reduce end-product weight by up to 35% and cut life cycle emissions by nearly 70%. The company will also be launching two new pre-finished steels1 that can save up to 12% of production costs compared to post-painted products.

To fully support the needs of its customers, Tata Steel has aligned its sales and marketing teams with targeted steel end-use markets, creating eleven market sector teams. The company is the only one in Europe to have organised itself in this customer-driven way, with both production and supply chain activities organised so as to respond to the market sectors’ requirements. The market sector teams offer individual customers a single dedicated account team to ensure they have optimum access to the company’s extensive product range and technical, logistical and R&D resources.

To highlight this new approach and its resulting advantages to customers, Tata Steel believes that the motto ‘Together we make the difference’ encapsulates the company’s commitment to building mutually advantageous partnerships that create real benefits, such as enhancing customers’ product performance, processing efficiency, lightweighting ability or sustainability performance. 

Tata Steel delivers on this commitment through its strong global footprint, with operations in more than 26 countries. In Europe, Tata Steel is the second largest steel manufacturer, with fully integrated steelmaking sites in the UK and the Netherlands and an extensive network of distribution and service centres.

Henrik Adam, Chief Commercial Officer of Tata Steel in Europe, said: “Europe is currently facing economic uncertainty. Markets like automotive, mechanical engineering and construction are heavily affected by the stagnating economy. To remain competitive, these industries are seeking to deliver superior customer value whilst at the same time reducing costs. Customers expect support in their innovation efforts, improved product performance and value in use. 

“Tata Steel’s wide product range, integrated steelmaking facilities and extensive distribution and processing networks, in combination with a customer-focused approach, create opportunities for growth across all our market sectors. By focusing in particular on the most demanding industries, we are aiming to increase the sales of differentiated products within our portfolio by over 50% by 2016.”

In Europe, Tata Steel manufactures and sells a comprehensive range of high-quality steel products, including flat and long products, as well as construction products, such as components and systems developed specifically for the building envelope market. The company operates a large number of processing centres that offer a wide variety of services, such as cutting, slitting, blanking, decoiling, laser-welding and powder-coating. This network offers a materials supply service that is tailored to specification: products cut and finished to exact size, length and shape as required. Backed up by world-class research facilities, these combined resources enable Tata Steel to offer differentiated products and services that ‘make the difference’.


For more information, contact Bob Jones on 0207 717 4532, or bob.jones@tatasteel.com

About Tata Steel in Europe

The European operations of Tata Steel comprise Europe's second largest steel producer. With the main steelmaking operations in the UK and Netherlands, they supply steel and related services to the construction, automotive, packaging, lifting & excavating, energy & power, aerospace and other demanding markets worldwide. The combined Tata Steel group is one of the world’s largest steel producers, with an aggregate crude steel capacity of more than 28 million tonnes and approximately 81,000 employees across five continents.


Note for Editors

1 Tata Steel is launching new pre-finished steels for manufacturing goods applications: Advantica® SDP 35 T and Advantica® F Flex. Tata Steel’s pre-finished products increase productivity and cost efficiency compared to post-painted steels and can save up to 12% in production costs. The materials offer flexibility in terms of design, surface finish and colour. Along with the technical support and advice offered by Tata Steel, a fully tailored product solution is available which takes customers’ processes and applications into account.