06 September 2023
Corporate News

Tata Steel supporting green energy – literally

Windfarm producing renewable energy

A special type of coated steel from Tata Steel UK has been used as the frame of a solar energy system used to power the Mandala stage at the recent Glastonbury Festival.

The high-tech product called Magizinc is steel coated with a combination of magnesium and zinc, which gives added corrosion resistance – guaranteed for 25 years—resulting in fewer resources being consumed and a lower environmental impact.

The steel, made in Port Talbot and processed and coated on Llanwern’s world-class Zodiac line, was used by key customer, Solarport, to ground-mount the solar panels that powered the music stage with clean, sustainable energy. 

Tata Steel’s Marketing Project Manager, Emma Bartley, said: “It’s fantastic to have our products used at such a world famous event, and to be playing a critical role in the ever-more-important solar energy sector.

She continued: “Although the amount of steel used for the Glastonbury solar system was relatively small, it is a sector that is growing rapidly in the UK. With a government target of generating 70GigaWatts per year of solar energy by 2035, we believe there is a market for green steels to support the solar farms of up to 2 million tonnes, which could all be provided from within the UK.

“With a guaranteed lifespan of 25 years, the steel solar frames will be around for some time yet, but when they do come to the end of their useful life—with steel being the most recycled material in the world—they can be melted down and used again in a can, a car, a building or a brand new solar farm.”

Solaport Managing Director, Dave Tattershall, added: “It’s fun to be involved in high profile events such as Glastonbury but there’s a much bigger picture, which is the need for sustainable, green energy in the UK, of which solar energy has a huge role to play.

“We are committed to play our part in the green energy revolution, and we see huge economic and environmental benefits in sourcing materials locally wherever we can. That’s  why we’re delighted to be working with Tata Steel.

"We’ve developed a mounting system that is easily transported, installed and removed without damaging the ground, making it a cost-effective and sustainable solution for powering events and festivals. We believe that this solar mounting system is a valuable tool for event organisers who are looking to reduce their environmental impact.”

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