23 August 2023
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Working with our communities for a sustainable future

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Tata Steel’s latest community newspaper has been shared with residents and businesses around their Port Talbot site in South Wales to help inform neighbours of the latest industry issues, environmental improvements and capital investments.

Alongside the constant stream of stories that communities can read about on Tata Steel UK’s website and social media channels, the quarterly publication is aimed specifically at people who live and work around the UK’s largest integrated steelworks.

This quarter’s edition features a wide range of articles, and introduces the company’s new Chief Executive Officer Rajesh Nair, who said: “We have a motto at Tata Steel: ‘The community is not just another stakeholder in our business, but is in fact, the very purpose of its existence."

Other stories in the paper focus on some of the major issues facing the industry such as the journey to decarbonisation and local environmental issues, as well as stories of the people working in the industry, and a whole host of community activities taking place in the region.

Public Affairs and Community Manager, Lewis Clark, said: “It’s really important to us that the people who live and work around our sites are well informed about what we’re doing, the investments we’re making, the opportunities for youngsters to join our family, as well as to understand about some of the wider issues we are facing as an industry.”

He continued: “Steel communities are extremely knowledgeable about our industry—many current and former workers live in the areas—and we are always extremely grateful for their support.”

The next edition of Steel News will be available in the run up to Christmas.

Read the latest edition here

Steel News August 2023


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