24 August 2023
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“We can’t hit climate change targets without steel”

Llanwern's Zodiac

Jessica Morden MP for Newport East has long been a huge supporter of the UK steel industry, speaking regularly in the House of Commons and actively promoting the industry as vice-chair of the All Party Parliamentary Group for steel.

During the summer recess, Jess took some time to make one of her regular visits to her local Llanwern plant in Newport South Wales to witness first hand some of the investments and innovations taking place there.

Jess said: “We make world class steel here and have really committed skilled workforce.

“Today I visited the ‘Zodiac’ galvanising line, which makes premium steels for the automotive industry, where Tata Steel has just installed a robot for removing dross from the molten zinc pot – it was really very impressive.

"It’s a state of the art line and this innovation has freed workers to do other highly-skilled jobs in the area. It’s great to see investment continuing to flow into the plant.

“Llanwern steelworks is absolutely crucial to Newport and the surrounding areas; it’s also important to all those people employed in the supply chains.

“Steel is absolutely crucial for our future because we cannot 'green' our economy and we cannot hit our climate change targets without using steel for green infrastructure projects such as rail, solar and tidal.

“I’m one of a band of steel MPs in the House of Commons who relentlessly challenge ministers to do more to support our steel industry; to work in partnership with the industry as other countries around the world are doing.


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She continued: “There are many opportunities for governments to help around things like public procurement, energy prices, and on decarbonisation.”

“Labour has a green prosperity plan based on green sources of energy – it’s massively important that steel is part of that and that we have great UK-made steel here for all those green energy projects to hit our climate targets” 


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