21 August 2023
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“Why can’t steel be the most inclusive business in the world?”

Abi & Tuesday

The latest guest on Tata Steel's Women of Steel podcast is Tuesday Ibbotson, Area HR Manager, who is already making a big name for herself.

From her crucial role in the Steel Women’s Network to helping craft Tata Steel’s Diversity and Inclusion programme, her ambitions to make Tata Steel one of the most inclusive companies in the world are clear.

However, Tuesday’s life and career trajectory hasn’t always been on the up.
From teenager years spent in hospital beds to the struggles of finding a full-time job and postponed plans to travel the world – how did Tuesday become the well-rounded and inspiring person she is today?

Women of Steel host, Abi Thomas finds out more about her life and career journey in the episode.
“Tuesday has only impressed me since the day I met her. I think her passion and enthusiasm for our people and our business shines really through in this episode. 

“When it came to approaching guests for the podcast, she was a no-brainer.”

"I think some of the most interesting people I’ve ever met, still don’t know what they want to do." Tuesday Ibbotson

Tuesday Ibbotson


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During the interview, Tuesday spoke candidly about her career journey and mental health, commenting:  “I never knew what I wanted to do in life. But then again, I think some of the most interesting people I’ve ever met, still don’t know what they want to do.”

Reflecting on the interview, Abi concluded: “Whether you’re at the start, middle or end of your career – maybe you’ve just received your A-Level results – wherever you are in life, you won’t be disappointed after listening to the thoughtful observations advice shared in this fantastic episode.”

Tune into the podcast for more candid chats about forging a career in your early twenties as well as some fascinating takes on the recent Barbie movie!

Watch: Women of Steel S4 E4: 'I'm an ally. You're an ally': Meet Tuesday Ibbotson - YouTube

Listen: Women of Steel | a podcast by Tata Steel UK (podbean.com)


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