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  • Agricultural equipment

    The steel used in agricultural and forestry equipment needs to be as reliable, durable and efficient as the machines themselves.

    Understanding your business

    There is a wide range of purpose-built machinery for agricultural and forestry use, including combine harvesters, balers, skidders and felling equipment. These machines are often subject to demanding duty cycles so machine users expect efficiency, productivity and robustness. Machine makers demand steels that are easy to cut and weld and are strong and resilient. Working together we our customers, we provide not only steels to support this, but services which support their specification, design, engineering and manufacturing activities
    We work hard to understand the issues and challenges facing our customers. We appreciate that the choice and application of steel can have a big impact on fuel efficiency and manoeuvrability. This understanding underpins our ability to work in the most productive way possible with equipment manufacturers.

    What is new
    Hybox® TT is available in guaranteed minimum strengths of 355-500 MPa and goes beyond the European Standard EN 10219, offering half the dimensional tolerances to enable trouble-free, automated processing. As well as a consistent, ready-to-paint surface finish without the need to shot blast, saving time and money.  

    How we can help
    Our product range includes high carbon steel and hollow sections – providing customers with an opportunity to simplify their procurement process.
    Working and growing together
    We believe we can best add value by working closely with our customers – using our knowledge of steel to help them to optimise component design, in-service product performance and their own production processes.

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