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    Today’s vehicles need to be lighter, stronger and more sustainable. With our steel expertise and product portfolio, we help truck manufacturers to achieve these requirements and improve safety and fuel efficiency.

    Understanding your business

    The truck industry plays a vital role in creating more sustainable transportation solutions.

    Together with cleaner engines and alternative propulsion systems like electrical or hydrogen solutions, the light weighting of trucks has a significant impact on creating cleaner ways of truck transportation.


    How we can help

    At Tata Steel we understand the design challenges that come with light weighting and we can help by reviewing your truck components to find solutions that improve the performance of your vehicles.

    For truck chassis we have high-strength light weighting solutions like Ympress® or XPF steel. For safety impact zones we have AHSS, UHSS dual phase or complex phase products designed to absorb energy. Our Hybox® TT high-strength tubes can be used as rear bumper beams to protect against rear impact.

    For the cabin Tata Steel has outer panel product solutions like Serica® and MagiZinc® that offer excellent surface appearance and greater corrosion protection. The protection cage of the cabins can be strengthened via our AHSS, UHSS products like our DP800-GI HyperForm®.

    Our product range includes:

    Our ongoing investment in advanced steel processing and fabrication facilities provides a reliable manufacturing option for truck components.