Specification details for DX51D+Z/+ZF/+ZM

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With MagiZinc® you can manufacture lighter products with higher strength thanks to the improved corrosion protection and at the same time increase the production volume and further reduce costs thanks to the better processing properties.

Relationship with standards

Metallic coated steel for forming complies with the following European standard

EN 10346: 2015







DX58D+Z 1

1. Not in standard. Tata Steel’s own specification.

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Coatings and surface aspects


Three types of metallic coating are available:

Pure zinc

Galvanised steel (+Z) is coated with an almost pure zinc coating (>99% zinc).

Zinc-iron alloy

Galvannealed steel (+ZF) is coated with a zinc coating containing approximately 8-12% iron. 
For further information on our galvannealed products please visit our Automotive catalogue.


MagiZinc steel (+ZM) is coated with a zinc coating containing additional magnesium and aluminium.

Coating weight

Coating Minimum Maximum
Pure zinc (Z) 90 (6 µm/side) 600 (42 µm/side)
Zinc-iron (ZF) 90 (6 µm/side) 140 (10 µm/side)
MagiZinc (ZM)1 70 (5 µm/side) 310 (22 µm/side)
Coating weight measured in g/m2 double-sided (µm, per side).
Coils with coatings > 450 g/m2 will be supplied in oscillated coiled condition.
Coils coated with 600 g/m2 are only available in width range 980 to 1300 mm.
For MagiZinc (ZM) coating weights below 100 g/m2 please visit our Automotive catalogue

Surface quality

Surface quality complies with standard: EN 10346:2015. Galvanised steels are available in surface quality A, B or C.
For the highest surface quality requirements we also offer Serica FLO®. For more details please visit our Automotive catalogue.

Surface quality A: as coated surface

Imperfections such as pimples, marks, scratches, pits, variations in surface appearance, dark spots, stripe marks and light passivation stains are permissible.
Stretch levelling breaks or run-off marks may appear. Coil breaks and stretcher strains may also appear.

Surface quality B: improved surface

With this surface quality, small imperfections such as stretch levelling breaks, skin pass marks, slight scratches, indentations, surface structure, zinc run-off marks and light passivation stains are permissible.

Surface quality C: best quality surface

For more information on surface quality C please visit our Automotive catalogue.


Surface finish

Pure zinc

MA: minimised spangle, as coated surface (Z).
MB: minimised spangle, improved surface (Z).
MC: minimised spangle, best quality surface (Z).

Zinc-iron alloy

A: as coated surface (ZF).
B: improved surface (ZF).
C: best quality surface (ZF).


A : as coated surface (ZM).
B : improved surface (ZM).
C: best quality surface (ZM).


Surface roughness

Metallic coated steel (with the exception of galvanised steel with standard surface (MA)) can be supplied in various grades of roughness – please contact us for more details. If no roughness is specified, roughness will be as shown in the table below.

Roughness Ra (µm)


cut off 0.8mm

cut off 2.5mm

0.6 - 1.9

0.7 - 2.2


Surface treatments

The surface treatments available are O, C and CO.

Oiling (O)

The material surface can be oiled with preservative oil. Other types of oil - for increasing strength or reducing weight – are available to help achieve your optimum performance parameters. Please contact us for details.

Tata Steel offers the following range of oiling levels:

Coating type


Pure zinc (Z)

0.25 - 1.5 g/m2

Zinc-iron (ZF)

0.5 - 1.5 g/m2

MagiZinc® (ZM)

0.25 - 1.5 g/m2

Other oiling levels are available on request.

Chromium-free passivation (C)

This surface treatment temporarily protects the zinc-coated material against white rust during transportation and storage (not applicable to all qualities and dimensions – please contact us for details).

Chromium-free passivation and oiled (CO)

Please request this combination of surface treatments if you require extra protection against white rust formation (not applicable to all qualities and dimensions – please contact us for details).

Untreated (U)

Please contact us regarding the availability of untreated coils.

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Mechanical properties

Metallic coated steel for forming has the following mechanical properties. These are measured transverse to the rolling direction:

EN 10346: 2015 Grade DX51D+Z/+ZF/+ZM
Yield strength 1 Re N/mm² -
Tensile strength Rm N/mm² 270 - 500
Elongation 2 % 22
Min. r-value   -
Min. n-value   -
1. If the yield point is not pronounced, the values apply to the 0.2% - proof strength Rp0.2 ; if the yield strength is pronounced, the values apply to the lower yield point ReL.
2. Decreased minimum elongation values apply for product thickness t ≤ 0.50mm (minus 4 units) and for 0.50mm ≤ t ≤ 0.70mm (minus 2 units).
Elongation after fracture A uses test piece length L0 = 80 mm.

Chemical composition

Tata Steel complies with the following cast analysis:

EN 10346: 2015 Grade DX51D+Z/+ZF/+ZM
C Max. 0.18
Mn Max. 1.20
P Max. 0.12
S Max. 0.045
Al Min. -
N Max. -
Ti Max. 0.30
All values are in weight%.