Community Sponsorship

Group of kids on a playing field at Tata Kids of Steel football clinic

Through our Community Partnership Programme, Tata Steel works with its local communities to support the economic and social wellbeing of these areas by investing in "Future Generations"



The company’s partnership with Telstar soccer club focuses on educational and health & wellbeing activities for youngsters in the IJmond community.

Through partnering with Telstar, Tata Steel supports the local ‘Home in the District / Playing for Success’ programme, through which youngsters with a temporary learning disability are trained and enthused to improve their learning skills by working with players and coaches from the club.

Additionally, Telstar and Tata Steel organise youth clinics in the community to encourage youngsters to develop a healthy lifestyle through sport and exercise.

Tata Steel is part of the Tata Group of companies, which has a proud history of supporting and bringing sustainable benefits to the communities in which it operates. Our partnership with Telstar is one of the many ways Tata Steel is investing in “Future Generations” and encouraging youngsters to lead an active and healthy lifestyle.

Around 900 children from the Ijmond community are expected to benefit from our partnership activities in a single year.