European Works Council

European Works Council

Our Tata Steel Europe European Works Council (EWC) covers all our Europe operations in the European Economic Area (EEA) and is a forum where we discuss issues of transnational interest.



Topics for discussion include the economic and financial performance of the company, future business prospects, product market situations, broad strategy issues, investment decisions, headcount and employment issues, business reorganisations and matters such as health, safety and the environment, technology and research where these have a transnational impact.

The full EWC generally meets twice a year, but there is always the ability to hold extraordinary meetings to discuss specific issues. Our CEO or representative chairs the meeting and employee representatives from the UK, the Netherlands, Germany, France, Sweden and Belgium meet with senior executives from Tata Steel Europe for presentations and discussion. The company communicates a jointly agreed bulletin to all employees highlighting the key points discussed.

Separate meetings take place with a smaller EWC Sub Committee and a Health & Safety Committee mainly on a quarterly basis.

The EWC is part of the Tata Steel information and consultation framework and is in addition to consultation with employee representatives at country and site level.