13 June 2018

Tata Steel’s Protact® packaging design wins The Dieline’s ‘Outstanding Achievement’ award


Tata Steel, alongside design agencies Grow and Packz, has received the Outstanding Achievement award at The Dieline Awards 2018 for its creative conceptual packaging design using Protact.

The design concepts using Protact, Tata Steel’s specialist polymer coated steel, were created to showcase the material’s versatility, flexibility and unique design opportunities to customers including local producers and big brands alike.

Head of Insight & Innovation at Grow, Liselotte Tingvall, commented: “We set our sights on redefining the steel can as something that can be expressive, unique and premium within the homogenous food category.” 

The cans feature a futuristic two-piece pod shape with sloping sides and curved base making them easy to use for consumers.

Incorporating a second life use was also essential to the design brief and grooves can be added to the can’s edge allowing a standard screw-top lid to be applied.

Once the basic shape was finalised, the design team developed a number of specific prototypes to demonstrate how the new design could be used for variety of products including standard produce, like corn, to luxury goods, such as black truffles.

Protact truffle can concept

The award entry featured cans for corn, haricots and truffles embossed with unique patterns to reflect the produce inside and high-quality printing for enhanced on-shelf appeal.  

Packaging-Protact bamboo can concept-960x908.jpg



As well as screw-top lids, a secondary design shows a unique ring pull, dubbed the ‘Loop’.  Designed to reflect the shape of a leaf, the Loop reinforces Protact’s position as a permanently available material that can be recycled again and again with no loss of quality.

The Dieline Awards is the largest worldwide package design competition, celebrating innovation and excellence in packaging design around the world. To find out more about the award-winning design, read The Dieline’s post here.

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