16 July 2018

How Colorcoat® tests the metal of its pre-finished steel

Our pre-finished steel products are UV burned, blasted, scratched and sprayed all in the name of testing!

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At our pre-finished steel products are UV burned, blasted, scratched and sprayed all in the name of testing!

In our third behind-the-scenes ‘Make It, Test It, Guarantee It’ blog series, we reveal just how  and  is put through its paces to ensure that your building envelopes are built to last:

Steeled against the elements: What we test for

How do we determine how pre-finished steel will perform not just now but in years to come? It’s all confirmed through accelerated corrosion tests. Undertaken in accredited laboratories to the highest European standards, tests include saltspray, prohesion, watersoak, humidity and even simulated acid rain through Kesternich sulfur dioxide testing.

Products are then examined for any edge creep, blistering, chalking or coating degradation. Our comprehensive long-term testing is why we’re so confident in our industry-leading , which covers a building envelope for up to 40 years.

The great outdoors: Real world weather

Longevity, durability and performance are vital in every conceivable climate condition. So we make our pre-finished steel facades face some of the harshest weather in the world.

 and  products are exposed to the elements at selected sites around the globe ranging from France, Arizona to Singapore, all to assess the impact of varied naturally-occurring weather effects.

Solar Radiation: UV testing

 and  panels are UV tested both in the lab and the real world using artificial QUVA and QUVB and natural weathering exposures to measure colour and corrosion resistance.


Galvalloy®: A finish fit for the future

We guarantee  products are future-proof not just in style but finish, through Tata Steel’s unique Galvalloy® metallic coating. Offering exceptional corrosion resistance and cut edge protection,  Colorcoat HPS200 Ultra® and Colorcoat Prisma® surpasses requirements of RUV4 and RC5 in line with EN 10169:2010, proving excellent colour and gloss retention in even the most demanding environments.

The importance of independence

exceeds even the toughest tests. But we don’t expect you to take our word for it.  and   is British Board of Agrément certified. All testing we invest in is carried out by independent laboratories, with all results also independently verified. Giving you official reassurance of product performance.

Find out more about Colorcoat® pre-finished steel testing

Speak to our technical team through the Colorcoat Connection® helpline for more details about our testing processes.

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