The Importance of specifying the correct Tubes

Install Plus Conveyance Tube

To avoid being supplied the wrong product, it is vital that tubes are correctly specified at time of ordering, and that purchasing documentation and stock is checked to ensure you receive exactly what you have ordered

Conveyance Tubes

Our premium Install® Plus 235 hot-finished, multi-certified tube is technically superior to cold-formed alternatives.

Therefore, to avoid being supplied the wrong product, it is vital that tubes are correctly specified at time of ordering, and that purchasing documentation and stock is checked to ensure you receive exactly what you have ordered.

This is especially important if a Tata Steel hot finished, GH grade (GH=Get Hot), fully CE certified, traceable and UK supported product is required.

For hot-finished products, always ask for:

  • EN10255/10217-2 (i.e. Part 2)
  • GH grade (i.e. P235GH) – to help remember, GH = Get Hot
  • Tata Steel Install® Plus muliti-cert hot-finished

If you have any questions about how to correctly specify [Install® Plus 235] or any other query call the Tubes Technical Helpline on +44 (0) 1536 402121 or email []

Our Install® Plus 235 hot-finished, multi-certified tube to BS EN10255 and 10217-2 S/P235 GH (GH = Get Hot) grade is CE marked in accordance with the Construction Products Regulations (CPR) to both CAT3 (fuel and gas) and CAT4 (water).

Some alternative products do not appear to be CE marked correctly, so please be aware of possible application, compliance, warranty and insurance sign-off issues.

All Install® Plus 235 tubes are clearly marked along its length as shown in the illustration below, if it is not question the supplier where you purchased the product.

If checking your stock, our Install® Plus painted products will have the following marked along the whole length tube:


If it doesn’t say Tata Steel Install® Plus, then it’s not Tata Steel.  It’s not UK manufactured, fully traceable and hot-finished.

Unlike cold-formed alternatives, our hot-finished tubes have:

  • An ordered and consistent microstructure.
  • No internal stress that can promote cracking.
  • Consistent and reliable mechanical properties.
  • Improved structural integrity and ductility.
  • Improved and consistent toughness.
  • Higher pressure integrity.
  • Greater factor of safety.
  • No loss of strength during additional welding or heating.
  • Improved performance against corrosion.
  • Ability to be bent to tight radii without splitting, creasing or collapsing.

How to order hot-finished tubes:

To order hot-finished for building services/industrial:
BS EN10255/10217 Part 2, Grade S/P235GT/GH (Get Hot) Or Tata Steel [Install® Plus 235] hot-finished

To order hot-finished for specialist building services/industrial:
BS EN10217 Part 2/ISO3183/API5LB, Grade P265/GH (Get Hot) Or Tata Steel [Inline 265] hot-finished

Tata Steel Install® Plus 235 Multi-certified, Hot-finished tube - Product Marking Explained

Tube Marking Meaning
Tata Steel Our company name 
Install Plus 235 Our brand name
Multi Cert  Manufactured to more than one specification 
Hot finished Premium hot finished tube, not an imported cold formed product 
BSEN10255 Primary tube standard the product is manufactured too 
S235GT/S195(G)T The actual grade of steel we use to manufacture our product
(EN)10217-2 This is the specific hot formed standard and the standard that must be used for
alignment with the pressure equipment directive (PED)
P235GH  This is the steel grade that ensures you get a hot finished product GH= GET HOT 
TST41 Our internal Tata Steel Tubes product standard, this document contains additional
product information, such as testing and compliance 
CE-CPR-CAT3+4 CE marking to the construction products regulations as per the requirement within
EN10255, CAT4 for water, CAT3 for fuel and gas (note, CAT3 has to be 3rd party verified)
EW Electric welded is the tube manufacturing process route
Size NB The product size (nominal bore etc)
MED or HVY Tube weight per EN10255 standard 
(4 digit number) Manufacturing date code for product traceability
QA Quality Assurance mark 
UK Manufactured in the UK 


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