04 May 2023

Building Systems UK (A Tata Steel Enterprise) announces its new vision to shape the future of sustainable buildings

Tata Steel background

Building Systems UK, an enterprise of Tata Steel UK and the face of construction for the business, is re-defining its position.


Building on its existing and historical industry position, it is today announcing a more focused approach to shaping the future of sustainable buildings within the built environment.

Building Systems UK Tata Steel

Tata Steel is internationally renowned for its steel production. Its Building Systems UK organisation focuses on bringing sustainable building product solutions to the market. As the leading provider of such solutions, it has re-evaluated its current market position, and is proud to announce its new focused vision to reflect its continued commitment to a more sustainable society.


Building Systems UK’s vision is “to enhance the lives of our colleagues, customers and society by enabling the creation of sustainable spaces where we live, work and play.”

Jo Evans, managing director of Building Systems UK says:

Jo Evans.jpg

“We have a long and proud history of serving the UK construction market for over six decades – and now more than ever the sector needs ambitious and innovative manufacturers to help drive the sorely needed transformation of the construction sector. Our new focus will help us to play that role in construction transformation and achieve our vision.

“We will do that by playing our part in creating inclusive, diverse and responsible supply chains that nurture people and our planet. We will collaborate to develop innovative, zero carbon and circular building solutions, enabling future generations to thrive.

“As part of Tata Steel UK, Building Systems UK will always maintain our strong Tata Steel brand and values, which are core to our makeup, and now we will step forward with an even greater customer and market focus, and continue to play our part in shaping the future of sustainable buildings.”

The areas of focus for Building Systems UK include:

  • Driving sustainable development and accelerating the decarbonisation of construction supply chains - with an entire product portfolio certified as Responsibly Sourced and bespoke Environmental Product Declaration tools which allow specification bespoke EPDs, Building Systems UK is one of the most transparent and reported construction product manufacturers in the world. Building Systems UKs’ Carbon Lite offering also provides clients with the opportunity to purchase products with up to 85% less emissions compared with an EN15804 baseline.
  • Manufacturing-led construction transformation - as one of the partners of the Seismic II consortium and other leading projects like the Forge, Building Systems UK are innovators in driving enhancements in construction productivity through developing modern methods of construction.
  • Innovation and delivering more sustainable value to the marketplace - a strong pipeline of new product development and external partnerships to drive collaboration across the supply chain.

Building Systems UK’s commitment to this vision is evident in its newly established market and business development team. This team includes several key industry players with expertise ranging from sustainable to architectural backgrounds.

“Strengthening and refocusing our team will enable greater collaboration with external partners to drive the change needed in the industry.  Accelerating sustainable development, productivity and performance are the challenges this sector needs to meet. We are developing the tools across the physical and digital domain but no one part of the supply chain can deliver in isolation. We really are excited about what we can achieve together.” says Jo. 

To find out more about our products and services visit our web page at Building Systems UK.