24 May 2024

H2-ready line pipe from Tata Steel UK

Hydrogen ready line pipe

Hartlepool’s HFI H2-ready line pipe

Tata Steel, one of Europe’s leading steel producers, has demonstrated its readiness to supply the gas networks of the future with its H2-ready line pipe.

Tata Steel TV-HART20-8119
Hydrogen ready line pipe
Tata Steel construction sustainability Hartlepool

Hydrogen is predicted to play a key role in the decarbonisation of the UK’s energy network. With the initial focus on local transport and industry, its use is expected to grow significantly with thousands of tonnes of H2-ready line pipe being required to achieve the Government’s Net Zero strategy. The UK government has set a target ambition for up to 10GW of low carbon hydrogen production capacity by 2030.

To support the energy transition, Tata Steel has successfully completed external testing of its High-Frequency Induction (HFI) welded steel line pipe, produced at its 20” pipe mill in Hartlepool, UK.

To ensure the technical requirements of material for hydrogen transportation are met, external validation testing was performed by specialists Element Materials Technology in line with ASME B31.12 (2019) option B in 100% Hydrogen. Tata Steel's L450 (X65) / L485 (X70) grade steel  was loaded to double the specified stress intensity as set out in ASME B31.12, in the body and weld, under conditions of 100 bar hydrogen for 1000 hours, with no crack growth observed.

In addition to the standard testing, a second, modified approach, developed by Element, involving the use of more representative elastic-plastic fracture mechanics (ASTM E1820) further confirmed capability in excess of the minimum required stress intensity threshold in hydrogen.

This places Tata Steel’s 20” pipe mill and Hartlepool at the centre of UK capability being among only a handful of mills able to supply H2-ready pipeline worldwide.

Further scopes of testing with gas distribution network providers, the Steel and Metals Institute (SaMI), and Element to expand this capability are now being explored.

‘Our investment in green technologies, and the wider supply of steel into hydrogen, wind and solar projects, positions us as a key contributor towards the UK’s energy transition.’ Anil Jhanji, Chief Commercial Officer, Tata Steel UK.

Steel is a vital material for the UK’s decarbonisation strategy, with millions of tonnes required. The company’s UK manufactured line pipe supports the government’s ambition for a robust Hydrogen supply chain. 

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