Colorcoat HPS200 Ultra
Specification details

EN-Construction-Product-Colorcoat HPS200 Ultra | Advantages

  • Optimised Galvalloy® metallic coating for exceptional corrosion resistance and cut edge protection.
  • Surpasses the requirements of Ruv4 and RC5+ as per EN 10169:2022 providing excellent colour and gloss retention and corrosion resistance.
  • Scintilla® emboss as a mark of authenticity from Tata Steel.
  • Made in the UK for a lower carbon footprint and certified to BES 6001 Responsible Sourcing standard.
  • Confidex® Guarantee for up to 40 years in Zone 1 and Zone 2 areas for the weatherside of industrial and commercial buildings with no inspection or maintenance to maintain its validity.
  • Can be used under Photo Voltaic (PV) frame modules with no reduction in guarantee length ensuring all parts of the roof are covered for the same duration of the Confidex® Guarantee.
  • A project based warranty outside of Confidex® zones may be available on a case by case basis for standard cladding applications.
  • Exceeds requirements of CPI5 as per EN 10169:2022 demonstrating excellent barrier properties when used internally.
  • BBA Certified for Durability in excess of 40 years.
  • Double-sided option providing a robust barrier on the reverse side of the steel substrate for buildings with demanding internal and external environments.
  • Fully recyclable with full product traceability and REACH compliance.
  • Informed colour choice based on availability, feasibility and level of guarantee via Colorcoat® Compass digital colour matching system.
  • Available from a range of Colorcoat® supply chain partners.

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EN-Construction-Product-Colorcoat HPS200 Ultra | Product performance

Product performance

Exceptional performance
Designed to withstand even the most demanding and aggressive environments, Colorcoat HPS200 Ultra® pre-finished steel provides super durability and corrosion resistance. Whatever your type of building, from warehouses to houses, retail outlets to processing plants, Colorcoat HPS200 Ultra® demonstrates proven performance and reliability.

Unrivalled corrosion protection
Colorcoat HPS200 Ultra® uses the unique and proven Galvalloy® metallic coating by Tata Steel. Galvalloy® is made with a special mix of 95% Zinc (Zn) and 5% Aluminium (Al) that conforms to EN 10346:2015. The carefully developed proportions of Zinc and Aluminium in Galvalloy® offers a combination of increased barrier and sacrificial protection when compared with conventional Hot Dip Galv (HDG) coatings and provides unrivalled corrosion protection, even at the cut edges.

Galvalloy comparison

Hand samples
Metal hand samples are available for all colours. For a truer representation of colour and effect, please obtain metal hand samples. Only Signature colours are available outside Zone 1 and Zone 2 areas.

Colour consistency
If tonal consistency is critical, all cladding for a single elevation should come from the same production batch. All metallic shades exhibit a degree of directionality.  

Matching components
If accessories made from other materials are to be colour-matched to the roof or wall cladding, the best reference is the actual profiles or panels delivered to site, or material from the same batch.

Typical properties

Properties     Test Standard
Nominal organic 
coating thickness
(μm)* 200 EN 13523-1
Specular gloss (60°): 
Non-matt colours
% 20-40 EN 13523-2
Specular gloss (60°): 
Matt colours
% <10 EN 13523-2
Scratch resistance (g) >5000 EN 13523-12
Abrasion resistance 
(Taber CS10 2x 1kg, 250 Rev)
(mg) <12 EN 13523-16
Minimum bend radius
(T) 0T (16°C) EN 13523-7
Minimum bend radius
(T) 1T (0°C) EN 13523-7
Reverse impact
(J) ≥18 EN 13523-5
Adhesion (cross hatch)
(%) 100 EN 13523-6
Maximum continuous 
operating temperature
(°C) 60  
Corrosion resistance: 
Salt spray
(h) 1000 EN 13523-8
Corrosion resistance: 
(h) 5000 EN 13523-25
Corrosion resistance 
  RC5+ EN 10169:2022
UV resistance 
  Ruv4 EN 10169:2022
Internal environment 
  CPI5 EN 10169:2022

*μm = micron

1. The figures contained in this table are typical properties and do not constitute a specification. Tested in accordance with EN 13523.
2. For health and safety datasheets contact the Colorcoat Connection® helpline.

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EN-Construction-Product-Colorcoat HPS200 Ultra | The Confidex® Guarantee

The Confidex® Guarantee

For over 25 years the Confidex® Guarantee from Tata Steel has remained best in class. Confidex® is the product performance guarantee for Colorcoat HPS200 Ultra® and Colorcoat Prisma®, when used in an external conventional building envelope application namely roof and wall cladding using single skin, built-up or composite panel construction in industrial and commercial buildings. Confidex® offers the longest and most comprehensive guarantee for pre-finished steel in Europe.

Key features

The Confidex® Guarantee is clear and simple and unlike many other guarantees, offers full remedial action in the unlikely event of coating failure.

Key features include:

  • Extended guarantee cover for up to 40 years on Colorcoat HPS200 Ultra® and Colorcoat Prisma®.
  • Factory cut edges covered for the entirety of the guarantee period.
  • No requirement for any inspections or maintenance to validate the guarantee except when Colorcoat HPS200 Ultra® is used on a roof that has a Photovoltaic (PV) installation.Backed by years of worldwide product testing.
  • Provides cover for roof pitches down to 1° and no distinction between different roof pitches above that.
  • Offered directly to the building owner and provides a contractual relationship between Tata Steel and the building owner.
  • Is fully transferable should building ownership change.
  • Helps reduce the level of risk for each part of the supply chain.
  • Quick and simple online registration form.
  • Colorcoat HPS200 Ultra® can be used under Photovoltaic (PV) frame modules with no reduction in guarantee length ensuring all parts of the roof are covered for the same duration of the Confidex® Guarantee.
  • Colour guarantee included as part of the Confidex® Guarantee for up to 20 years for Colorcoat Prisma® standard colours.

Benefits of Confidex® registration
Usually the building owner, cladding contractor or the cladding system manufacturer can apply for the Confidex® Guarantee. In the unlikely event of a coating failure, we can be contacted directly and independently of the contractual supply chain. In the ‘worst case’ scenario elements of the contractual chain may no longer be in existence making a complaint difficult or even impossible to pursue without the direct link to Tata Steel.

Other warranties
Whilst Confidex® has always been restricted to the weathering performance of the external cladding, we have recognised the growing emergence of demanding internal environment projects, such as energy from waste plants, and may offer a non-Confidex® warranty on a case by case basis for Colorcoat HPS200 Ultra® used internally. Application specific warranties are also available for non-standard cladding applications; i.e residential roofs, flashings and sectional roller shutter doors etc

Colorcoat HPS200 Ultra Confidex Duration 2023

Tata Steel also offers Confidex Sustain®, a combined guarantee that covers the durability of the Colorcoat® pre-finished steel product and makes the pre-finished steel building envelope CarbonNeutral - the first in the world. For more information click here

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EN-Construction-Product-Colorcoat HPS200 Ultra | Register the Confidex® Guarantee

Register the Confidex® Guarantee

Please complete the online form to register the Confidex® Guarantee for Colorcoat HPS200 Ultra® and Colorcoat Prisma®.

This form can be used to register the Confidex® Guarantee for Zone 1 and Zone 2.

Please click here to register for the Confidex® Guarantee

Transferring the Confidex® Guarantee
A registered Confidex® Guarantee is transferable in the event of sale or transfer of owner or tenant of a building. Please contact the Colorcoat Connection® helpline.

Note: Confidex® must be registered within 3 months of the building completion date for the guarantee to be valid.

Register Confidex® Guarantee

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EN-Construction-Product-Colorcoat HPS200 Ultra | Sustainability


At Tata Steel we are committed to making the products society needs and to making them in the most responsible way. Our commitment to sustainability also means we actively manage our impacts and contribution throughout the full life of our products - with our suppliers, within our own operations, through the supply chains we serve and by taking responsibility for recycling steel. Colorcoat HPS200 Ultra® has achieved BES 6001 responsible sourcing certificate which reinforces our commitment to sustainability.

Life Cycle Assessment
We constantly strive to ensure that the manufacturing processes and materials used to manufacture Colorcoat HPS200 Ultra® are the most sustainable available. Moreover, the enhanced robustness and durability of Colorcoat HPS200 Ultra® mean that it significantly outperforms other pre-finished steel in terms of environmental impacts over the full life cycle. To demonstrate the environmental impacts, Tata Steel have published an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) for each of the Colorcoat® assessed cladding systems, based on an initial Life Cycle Analysis.

System environmental assessment
In the UK all roof and wal