03 May 2024
Press Release

Podcast: American steel giant shows how to go green

Steel Dynamics Inc

In the latest edition of Tata Steel UK's "SteelCast" podcast, which is focussing on the challenges and opportunities of decarbonising the UK steel industry, host Tim Rutter talks to one of Nucor's founding members and CEO and Chairman of Steel Dynamics Inc. Mark Millett.


As Tata Steel UK moves forward on its journey to net zero with the proposed implementation of electric arc furnace steelmaking in Port Talbot, host Tim Rutter speaks to one of the pioneers of the mini-mill concept in the USA, Mark Millett.

Mark is Chairman and Chief Executive of Steel Dynamics Inc., a 16 million tonnes metals business that was founded in 1993; he was instrumental in developing the use of electric arc furnaces and thin slab casters to make flat carbon steels in Nucor and hasn’t looked back.

In this podcast Mark shares his thoughts and experiences of developing technologies, building a culture of ownership, and the power of having a spirit of adventure to create a successful and truly sustainable business.

This is definitely worth a listen!

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