20 October 2023
Corporate News

Award-winning green steel


The Tata Group 2023 Innovista Awards were held in the beautiful Crystal Ballroom of the Taj Mahal Towers hotel in Mumbai earlier this month.

And it was the Tata Steel UK team who were all smiles for taking the top prize of the evening for its innovative Optemis®  Carbon Lite product.

Introduced to the market in 2022, Optemis® Carbon Lite is a certificate-based low CO2 emission steel product offering, which offers a flexible reduction in CO2  intensity.

Since the product launch, Tata Steel has been providing their customers across the globe with a flexible means of meeting green targets while at the same time, speeding up their own decarbonisation efforts.

Nick Silk, from the Carbon Lite team, shared his thoughts moments after he and his colleagues were presented their trophies at the awards ceremony in Mumbai.

Nick said: “In some categories there were multiple winners, so we were alarmed when only one winner from the five finalists in our category was announced.

“However, we made the grade and were warmly congratulated on our way to the podium by Tata Steel CEO TV Narendran. The award was presented by our Tata Group Chairman Natarajan Chandrasekaran, and Aarthi Subramanian our Chief Digital Officer.

“It was very special for us to receive the award on behalf of the team and our dear colleagues involved in the project, some who are no longer with us.

“It has been inspirational to take part, and we have urged our colleagues across Tata Steel to take part in future Innovista events.”

Learn more about Carbon Lite and how it fits into Tata Steel’s ongoing decarbonisation journey.


Tata Steel UK Carbon Lite team are awarded the 2023 Innovista top prize by Tata Group


Optemis Carbon Lite is a fully certified in-setting scheme verified by leading assurance organisation DNV. Tata Steel’s continued commitment to decarbonisation means reductions in CO2  emissions can now be passed on to their customers, enabling them to achieve immediate Scope 3 emission savings.

Revenues generated from the sale of Optemis Carbon Lite certificates are used to fund additional projects, generating further CO2  savings to be verified by DNV and speeding up decarbonisation efforts.

By buying Optemis Carbon Lite from Tata Steel UK  we, and our customers, will be actively contributing to a reduction in atmospheric CO2 .

Tata Steel UK achieved a significant milestone in its decarbonisation journey after delivering its first Optemis® Carbon Lite steel to infrastructure supplier, Boecker Stahl-Service in June 2023. The 22-tonne hot dip galvanised coil was supplied with an 85% carbon reduction which equates to a 45-tonne CO2  saving - equivalent to the annual emissions of 36 cars¹.

¹ The average distance travelled by a car in the UK is 6,800 miles per year (10,944km) (source: RAC Foundation) and each new car emits an average of 112.8 g/km of CO2 (source: Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders).


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