28 February 2023
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Halmstad Steel Service Center to operate carbon neutral

Halmstad distribution

Our Halmstad Steel Service Center location in Sweden is now our second Tata Steel Nederland site that operates completely carbon neutral on scope 1 & 2. The site, which uses steel from IJmuiden to supply high-quality products to the automotive sector among other things, contributes to the joint Tata Steel ambition to operate completely CO2 neutral by 2045.

Michael Andersson, site manager at Halmstad Steel Service Center: "CO2 neutral on scope 1 & 2 means that the emissions directly related to production are CO2 neutral. Our team has achieved this in two ways: removing their direct emissions on site as well as choosing 100% green energy suppliers. I am immensely proud that our highly motivated team has worked consistently towards this great result!"

Replacing natural gas
To get to this result, several production challenges were solved by the team. For example, by using residual heat, running all forklifts electrically and using LED lighting everywhere. In Sweden, where most electricity and district heating is generated from renewable sources, the site has a 100% green contracts with energy suppliers. To avoid having to use natural gas at all, the team replaced an existing dehumidifier with an electric one in 2022. The natural gas connection was closed in December.

Emmet Mailey, Downstream Engineering Manager and Nando Leerentveld, Carbon Reduction Strategy Manager, conducted the audit and supported the team on their climate-neutral journey. They praised the entrepreneurship that comes with most Downstream locations. Nando: "Whenever we talk to colleagues responsible for the carbon reduction measures, we always feel the can-do mentality. The focus from the start is mainly on the positive contribution of the project, which also makes any challenges easier to overcome."

Philippe Jaud, Managing Director Business Unit Distribution, is very proud that after Naantali, a second Steel Service Centre is carbon neutral. "This recognises Distribution's focus and pace, with more sites set to be certified next financial year, giving a clear message to our customers."

Tom Eussen, Managing Director Tata Steel IJmuiden and Downstream Europe presented the CO2 neutral certificate last Friday: "We have a huge ambition to be a climate neutral steel producer by 2045. That means we will make, transport and process steel in a clean and circular way. In IJmuiden and at our Downstream locations. I am proud that now a second location can operate completely carbon neutral!"  

Halmstad distribution

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