24 November 2023
Corporate News

Henrik Adam appointed new EUROFER President

Henrik Adam in Port Talbot

Tata Steel UK Chairman, Dr Henrik Adam, has been appointed as President of The European Steel Association (EUROFER), succeeding Francesc Rubiralta Rubió, who has led EUROFER since 2022.
The Steel Association of Ukraine has also been accepted as a member.

Dr. Adam, currently Chairman of Tata Steel UK, Vice President of Tata Steel, and Chairman of the Board of Tata Steel Netherlands Holding, also serves as Chairman of the Steel Institute VDEh in Germany.

With his extensive background in the steel industry, including his earlier role as the Chairman of WorldAutoSteel and as a Vice President of EUROFER since 2019, Dr. Adam brings a wealth of experience and leadership to his new role.

"I can’t imagine having a local manufacturing industry – from cars and rails to batteries and wind towers - without a local steel industry"

Dr Henrik Adam

Speaking after his election, Dr. Adam said: “I am looking forward to continuing the good work my predecessors have done to support the development of the European steel industry over the past years in extremely challenging times. My objectives remain the same: transitioning our sector to carbon neutrality without losing market share to third country producers with low or no climate ambition, ensuring access to affordable decarbonised energy and steel scrap as critical raw material in Europe, preventing imports that distort fair competition, and, last but not least, 
highlighting the importance of steel made in Europe for the EU’s resilience, strategic autonomy and prosperity of its citizens”.

“I believe the European steel industry should continue to be a strong partner of the European manufacturing industry. I can’t imagine having a local manufacturing industry – from cars and rails to batteries and wind towers - without a local steel industry. Many innovations in our sector have made our customer’s products competitive in the global market. Hence, the future of the European steel industry is vital for the future of European industry. Together with my colleagues at EUROFER, I am fully committed to working tirelessly to ensure a robust business case for the European steel industry”, he added.

Dr Henrik Adam, Chairman Tata Steel UK

Mr. Rubiralta served as President of the European Steel Association from November 2022 to November 2023. He is the Chairman and CEO of Celsa Group. He said: "It has been a pleasure to have represented EUROFER this past year as President, and before that as Vice-President for 12 years. I would like to thank the EUROFER team for their hard work and support during this time. I would also like to wish the future President of the Association great success in his term of office.”

Axel Eggert, Director General of EUROFER concluded: “Mr. Rubiralta served during a crucial year as President of the European Steel Association in the midst of one of the most uncertain periods the global economy has faced so far. He steered the sector through an ongoing energy crisis, the disruptions caused by the war in Ukraine, increasing 
trade tensions, and the decarbonisation process the sector is undergoing while reinforcing the role of circularity. Under the leadership of Henrik Adam, we will continue the exchange with the EU institutions and member states to build the conditions that should provide business opportunities for steel and the steel value chain in Europe. Only European steel makes Europe stronger.”

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