17 July 2023
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The Observer: "The prize is a modern, green steel industry"

Automotive decarbonisation

An article in the Observer this weekend followed a recent visit to Port Talbot steelworks by journalist Jasper Jolly.

In the extensive feature, Jasper sets out the challenges of decarbonising the steel industry, the asks of government and the potential prize for UK manufacturing, the economy and communities.

He wrote: “The prize for the UK in carbon-free steel would be a modern, green industry. Failure would mean the loss of thousands of jobs and the UK's ability to make its own steel - and would do nothing to reduce Britain's contribution to global heating.”

Bill Esterson, shadow minister for business and industrial strategy said: "You cannot have a modern, thriving economy without core industries, especially steel."

Business and Trade Secretary Kemi Badenoch (who has also recently visited PT) said in the article: “The steel sector plays a vital role within the UK economy - supporting local jobs and economic growth and I'm committed to securing a decarbonised, sustainable, and competitive future for the UK steel sector.”

Read the full article here:

Welsh steelworks at breaking point over the cost of cleaning up its act | Steel industry | The Guardian


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