01 August 2023
Corporate News

"We have to make sure steel making stays in Wales"

Plaid Cymru's Luke Fletcher MS and Rhun ap Iorwerth MS

Plaid Cymru’s Rhun ap Iorwerth has visited Port Talbot steelworks to understand more about green steelmaking.

The political party's newly-elected leader, along with Economy spokesperson Luke Fletcher MS, visited the Blast Furnaces, Steel Plant and continuous casters to learn more about the many investments already being made to reduce the site's environmental impact, and to talk to employees about the future potential for making green steel and decarbonising the UK steel industry.

They were blown away by the scale of the operations, the science and technology involved, and by the passion of the people they met.

Rhun said “We look to the future with all sort of new challenges. We have to make sure steel production stays here in Wales, that means becoming greener, it means getting investment from government, and protecting all the jobs that are dependent on it.”

Luke added: "It's very clear that people here are passionate and talented. If we are to realise our ambitions around the green economy, you can't do it without steel."

Such support from 'The Party of Wales' is another boost for the industry, which continues to have the support not only of the general public, but also industry peers, academics, think tanks, environmental groups and stakeholders across the political spectrum.


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