07 November 2023

Tata Steel Nederland is driving change through clear sustainability targets and strategic investments

Blechexpo Press Release header

At the 16th Blechexpo in Stuttgart Tata Steel Nederland highlights its ambitious sustainability targets as well as the progress of strategic investments leading to a growing portfolio of innovative products and services. Today, the steel manufacturer will launch Zeremis® Delivered, a solution for customers to receive their steel orders through lower-emission transportation methods. This new service enables customers to reduce their scope 3 emissions and follows the introduction of Zeremis Carbon Lite in 2022. Tata Steel is also taking the next steps in its decarbonisation transition by submitting an adjusted Green Steel Plan 2030 to the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate.

Emphasizing the motto “Together towards tomorrow”, Tata Steel intends to leverage the personal encounters at this year’s Blechexpo as yet another opportunity to exchange ideas and jointly explore business opportunities to create a more sustainable future. Continuously collaborating with customers and partners throughout the value chain and sharing the responsibility of decarbonising will result in greater impact for the whole industry. And ultimately, improve the way people work, live and move – through sustainable steel.

Together towards a zero-carbon emissions, circular world

In July 2022 Tata Steel launched its Zeremis journey towards carbon neutrality bringing to market both short-term and long-term solutions for carbon reduction and increased circularity. The first solution introduced was Zeremis Carbon Lite, a steel with an allocated carbon footprint reduction of up to 90%1. Since then, a multitude of customers across all market sectors – including large OEMs, major Tiers and Steel Service Centers – have chosen the solution to accelerate their own decarbonisation as they see the need to act today. To provide customers with even more flexibility to meet their specific reduction targets, Tata Steel will now launch a second Zeremis offering: Zeremis Delivered, a new logistics solution that delivers steel orders through lower-emission transportation methods with CO2 savings of up to 90%. Initially, Zeremis Delivered will be available to customers located within a 300-kilometer driving distance from the sites in the Netherlands and Belgium.

“The timelines we’ve set for ourselves toward becoming clean, green and circular are ambitious. Achieving these milestones is crucial for our customers, as they are actively seeking carbon reduction solutions that will, in turn, meet the expectations of their customers or consumers. We are delighted that customers are purchasing solutions such as Zeremis Carbon Lite. By doing so, they achieve their own aims and directly contribute to our CO2 emission-saving projects, which aim to accelerate our path towards CO2 neutrality”, said Heather Wijdekop, Director Commercial IJmuiden Business Unit.

Last Friday on November 3rd, Tata Steel also announced detailed plans on carbon neutral steel making showing that the company is on track towards achieving zero-carbon emissions in 2045. The steel manufacturer has submitted an adjusted Green Steel Plan 2030 to the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate as part of the so called “tailor-made program”. The plan is a big step towards reducing the impact on the environment as quickly as possible and focuses on ‘clean, green and circular’ as the three concrete issues that will make a significant contribution to Dutch and European climate objectives.

“I am proud that we have reached another important landmark in our decarbonisation transition, bringing us a significant step closer to becoming a clean, green and circular company”, said Hans van den Berg, CEO at Tata Steel Nederland.


Strategic investments and clear sustainability targets drive change

Tata Steel Nederland has previously initiated a multi-year asset improvements plan for its sites in the Netherlands with the aim of further optimising the technology of the different plants. This past year, the steel manufacturer has achieved major progress and is now even better positioned to support its customers in improving their products and making their processes more efficient and sustainable. The investment programme addresses the entire production chain, stretching from steelmaking to the hot strip mill and includes the cold mill, galvanising lines, the packaging steel plant, and the downstream assets. 

The new decoiling line of the Feijen Service Center in Maastricht, Netherlands, is a prime example of a strategic investment in the Downstream Business Unit. This cut-to-length line with new automated and digital features is part of Tata Steel’s plans to prepare for increasing future demand for abrasion-resistant and high-strength premium steels, particularly in the construction, mining and agricultur markets. Thanks to the line, steels can be processed more efficiently, to a wider window of mechanical properties and in a more sustainable way. The commissioning of the new decoiler is scheduled for mid-2024.

1 2) This is the maximum reduction for the sum of scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions. For the sum of scope 1 and 2 emissions, this represents a 100% reduction.