Man, two kids and a dog walking along a pond in a woodland area
Tata Steel site in IJmuiden seen from the pier
Biodiversity at Tata Steel in Europe NL
Tata Steel Europe has a made a policy commitment to protect and, where possible, enhance biodiversity at its sites.

A lot of valuable nature is found on the Tata Steel site in IJmuiden.

The biotopes at the steel site include wet dune valleys, herbaceous grasslands and over 100 years old forest.

Special species that occur are the sand lizard, natterjack toad, nightingale, the grasshopper warbler, the argus butterfly and rare orchids such as dogwort and swamp wasporchis.

Tata Steel is working with local partners to increase biodiversity on site and in the surrounding nature reserves.

Via webcam you might even be able to see the kingfisher in the recently constructed kingfisher wall.

Klaas Pilgrim bird sitting on a branch
Biodiversity at Tata Steel in Europe UK
Tata Steels’ coil processing facility at Shotton, North Wales, is home to the largest Common Tern colony in Wales and the bird came to be a symbol of the Shotton site.

The site, in particular the lagoons, are situated on former intertidal land at the head of the River Dee Estuary.

The lagoons provide habitat for a number of breeding bird species.

A watch-tower and a bird hide allows Tata Steel to work with local schools.

Tata Steel provides ongoing assistance with the maintenance of the islands and reedbeds. This involves suppressing vegetation, as terns prefer to nest on bare, stony ground.

Two Gadwall ducks flying above a field
In 2019 our neighbours raised important concerns related to our local environmental performance
In response, we intensified our dialogue with the people living near our production sites and strengthened our focus to address the most immediate concerns as part of an overall improvement plan for the years ahead.
As a business, we always have and will continue to deeply value the wellbeing and prosperity of everyone who forms a part of the communities in which we operate and our commitment to reduce the environmental impact we have on our surroundings remains resolute.
The lands around Tata Steel Port Talbot site
Shaping a sustainable society for generations to come
HIsarna at night