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  • Tata Steel in South Wales

    Most of the people who work for us—and many who do not—live nearby, raise their children here and pursue their lives in the communities surrounding our works. We are an integral part of those communities and are intimately involved in supporting them.

    As a major employer, our performance strongly influences the prosperity of the region. Our involvement is not just economic, though. We also concentrate on social development, education, health, safety and the environment.

    Many of our employees are recruited locally. Because we also want the best young people to join us, we help schools nearby to educate and motivate them.

    We meet with local councils and the Welsh Assembly Government regularly to exchange views about what is going on.

    This business is committed to harmonising commercial success with the well-being of our employees and the community.

    Enquiries about the involvement of Tata Steel Strip Products UK in its local communities can be directed to: spukcommunity1@tatasteeleurope.com

    Should you have any queries please contact our Community Support Line on 0800 138 6560 or email community.support@tatasteeleurope.com



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