Trimawall with Colorcoat SDP65
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Created to help tackle the skills and supply chain shortages within construction, Trimawall® is a DfMA (Designed for Manufacture and Assembly) solution that can help unlock additional capacity both off-site and on-site, facilitating on-time, on-budget delivery of projects.

The internal wall fit out system provides a strong and versatile alternative to traditional building materials. Incorporating the Trisofix™ universal mounting system it can be used in combination with a wide range of structural wall types.

Tata Steel Trimawall Fast Fit internal steel walling system

Trimawall interior panels are supplied with a choice of Colorcoat® pre-painted finishes, requiring no wet trades to complete so avoiding on-site plastering dust and its associated health and safety risks.

A hybrid solution, Trimawall is typically supplied as a pre-cut kit of parts, made to measure against detailed drawings to deliver right for time installation, but still lends itself to on-site adaptation and panel sizing if required.

The demountable panels and accessible services cavity simplifies and speeds up the complete M&E installation, particularly in combination with modular wiring solutions, making it a great choice for large building projects such as schools, hospitals, offices and housing schemes, where quick build times and guaranteed quality are of particular importance

In combination with modular wiring solutions, the demountable panels and accessible services cavity simplifies and speeds up the complete M&E installation making it a great choice for large building projects such as schools, hospitals, offices and housing schemes, where quick build times and guaranteed quality are of particular importance.


Fast Fit with Colorcoat SDP65

Colorcoat® SDP65 utilises cutting edge three layer manufacturing technology to create an optimised, robust, chrome free pre-finished steel product.

With a greatly enhanced range of colours and effects, that includes the Elements selection of natural metal colours, enhanced metallic sparkle effects, as well as a wide selection of inspired Matt shades such as Matt Metallics ideal for feature walls.

Front skin  0.50mm Colorcoat SDP65
Core  9mm Plywood
Back skin 0.50mm Colorcoat®
Panel Weight 13.9 kg/m2
Maximum width 1200mm 
Maximum length  3000mm


Specular gloss (60°) GU 25 - 35% EN 13523-2
Pencil hardness   EN 13523-4
Scratch resistance g 3000 EN 13523-12
Corrosion resistance:  hours 1000 EN 13523-8
Neutral salt spray
Corrosion resistance:  hours 5000 EN 13523-25
Internal Environment Classification   CPI5 EN 10169-2022
Service temperature range oC -40 to +60  


Tata Steel Trimawall Fast Fit color samples



Future proofing buildings


The versatility of Trimawall® and its individually demountable panels creating an accessible service cavity means that it can be installed, demounted and then reconfigured to adapt to changing needs of the building users.
Trimawall® delivers benefit for both construction companies and end clients


For Healthcare: The Advantica L Control coated panel and wrapped edges, offer a robust surface approved by Bioquell for vapour cleaning with their Hydrogen Peroxide solutions. Building Systems UK has also partnered with Construction Specialities to create a range of Acrovyn skinned panels to create hygienic, healthcare approved walls in a wide range of colours and patterns.

For Schools: The durable magnetic Colocoat® walling is perfect for classroom displays, maintaining its appearance term after term, avoiding the expense and disruption of regular repainting.

For Commercial Offices and Retail: The individually demountable panels allow spaces to be adapted to changing occupier requirements, with panels relocated, reconfigured or replaced, enabling building & brand refreshes to be conducted overnight.

For Volumetric builders: With a systemised set of pre-cut, pre finished panels, off-site value can be maximised while factory productivity & output is increased.

For Traditional construction: Having a single pre-finished panel, rated to severe duty deflection & patressesing standards helps to minimise deliveries to site, on site waste and the need for wet trade finishing, vastly simplifying crew logistics and condensing build schedules

For M&E Installers: The pre-cut panels and accessible service cavity eliminates the hassle of threading and wall rework, reducing on site errors, ensuring detail consistency, and facilitating a much faster, simpler M&E install.


Trimawall<sup>®</sup> Fast Fit



Trimawall® is manufactured and delivered as a kit of parts to minimise the environmental impact during construction and fit out. This avoids over ordering, reducing deliveries, on-site cutting waste, and snagging.

Trimawall Fast for delivery savings Building Systems UK

The 11mm thick Trimawall® panel incorporates a hygienic pre-finished front skin as part of a robust steel composite that provides all the requisite pattress strength required for Severe Duty rated walls.

Being delivered to site already cut to size with the Trisofix™ panel clips pre-installed, Trimawall® typically requires 70% less material deliveries than traditional pattress and plasterboard construction, all but eliminating the on-site waste commonly associated with cutting, plastering and finishing internal walls.

EN-Construction-Product-Fast-Fit-Kit of parts

Kit of standard parts

Quick and easy installation

Trimawall uses the patented Trisofix™ universal mounting system.

Made using high grade coated steel components the Trisofix™ mounting system fixes back to any structural wall type and can be used throughout a building, both for façades and internal fit out.

Typically Trisofix’s Fast Fit clip is factory fitted to Trimawall’s prefinished panels but can also be fitted on site offering hybrid functionality and flexibility for installers.